Study Grant 2019-2020

Study Grant Program



  1. Organ study grants are available to students between the ages 10–25 who are actively studying the organ on a private basis or taking private organ lessons through their college or university.

  2. Applicants must live or attend school in Orange County, CA.

  3. The student’s current organ teacher must be a member in good standing of the OCAGO.

  4. Applicants over the age of 21 are eligible to receive grants in two separate calendar years, but will be ineligible for further consideration after their second award.

  5. This program is intended only for students who are currently studying the organ. Applicants without prior organ experience should apply to the Scholarship for New Organ Students program.

Application Process

  1. Applications must be submitted using the online form ( by 1/31/2020.

  2. Two letters of recommendation are required. The applicant’s current organ teacher must submit one recommendation; the other recommendation must come from a teacher or music professional who can speak credibly to the applicant’s background and eligibility for a study grant. Recommendations may be submitted via mail* or preferably emailed directly to

  3. An application fee of $15 must be submitted and postmarked by 1/31/2020. Checks should be made payable to Orange County AGO, and mailed to the address below.

  4. Successful candidates for the study grant will be notified no later than 2/15/2020.


  1. Study grant auditions will be held in the Concordia University Center for Worship and Performing Arts (CUC) on the 9:00am of Saturday, 3/7/2020.

  2. Each applicant will receive a minimum of one hour of rehearsal time on the Casavant organ in the weeks leading up to the auditions. Due to University scheduling restrictions, practice time may be scheduled for weekends, evenings, or business hours.

  3. Each applicant is required to play three works. Ideally, repertoire should reflect the applicant’s highest level of musical expression and technique. Returning applicants are expected to demonstrate musical progress compared to their previous auditions.

    1. A piece by J. S. Bach or a similar Baroque composer

    2. A contrasting piece by a composer born after 1800

    3. A hymn (introduction and two stanzas)

Awards and Study Grant Recital

  1. Successful students will be notified of their awards by 3/31/20.

  2. Copies of adjudication notes will be sent to students following their auditions.

  3. 50% of the grant will be disbursed directly to students in March 2020.

  4. At the judges' discretion, students are expected perform in the Study Grant Recital at Concordia University Irvine on Saturday, 5/27/2020 at 7pm. The remaining 50% of their grant will be disbursed following successful participation (or attendance, if the judges decide that the student will not play) in this recital.

  5. All award decisions are final. The exact amount of individual grants may vary depending on the number of successful applicants and the availability of funds.

* Mailing address:
Dr. Tom Mueller   

Music Department

Concordia University Irvine

1530 Concordia West

Irvine, CA 92612


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