First Time At The Organ 2019-2020

Scholarships for New Organ Students

1. Eligibility

a. Scholarships for free organ lessons are available to pianists between the ages 10–25.

b. Applicants must live or attend school in Orange County, CA.

c. This program is intended only for students who have not previously studied the organ. Applicants with prior organ study should apply for the Study Grant program.

d. Applicants are expected to demonstrate basic piano proficiency. They should be capable of performing selections from the Anna Magdalena Notebook (J. S. Bach) or equivalent works. 

2. Application Process

a. Applications must be submitted using the online form on the OCAGO website by 1/31/2020.

b. One letter of recommendation from the applicant’s piano teacher or another music professional. Recommendations may be submitted via mail or emailed directly to

c. There is no application fee for the Scholarships for New Organ Student program.

d. Candidates for the scholarship will be notified no later than 3/15/2020.

3. Awards

a. Once it is determined that a student is a candidate for this scholarship, they will schedule an interview with an OCAGO-approved organ teacher. If the teacher determines that the student is qualified for further study, the Study Grant Committee will make a final decision regarding the size and scope of the scholarship.

b. A maximum of six lessons may be awarded.

c. Students are responsible for securing organ practice access. A local church or school may be willing to accommodate student practice; students may also be able to purchase a used electronic organ for use in their home. At a minimum, the practice instrument should have at least two full-compass manuals (keyboard) and a pedalboard of at least 30 notes.

* Mailing address:
Orange County AGO
5941 Edinger Ave # 113119
Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1706


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